Policies T&Cs

Breeze Client Terms


Please read thru the terms and conditions before any order is placed

  1. No Refunds or Exchanges/Pricing
    1. No refunds or exchanges will be offered to clients on ANY items including “Sample Sale Items.”
      1. No refunds for canceled events or weddings.
    2. All items must be inspected and questioned about thoroughly by the clients before purchasing.
    3. Breeze inspects and fixes all items (ex: loose threads, loose stitching) before giving to the client.
    4. Once the item has left Breeze, we are not responsible for any damages or any random findings you may discover after your purchase.
      1. Breeze only offers high quality fabrics and quality work.
      2. We will not accept clients coming back ex: after 7 years and claiming that our items have become damaged. Please be mindful of the time frames and be mindful that we are a small business.
    5. Breeze prices are fixed online and in store.
    6. Custom order prices may vary depending on the complexity of the order.
    7. Breeze will determine terms and conditions if in any rare circumstance a credit note is offered. However as per our policy, there are no refunds or exchanges.
      1. If under a rare circumstance, Breeze offers an exchange or credit note, the client must pay for the shipping. Breeze will inspect the condition of the clothing and a decision will be made.
    8. Measurements and Sizing while ordering online
      1. Breeze offers various sizes to clients such as X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, and XX-Large (on inquiry only)
      2. Breeze provides a standard measurement chart to all clients in which they may refer to before ordering.
      3. We allow clients to also send custom measurements if they are unsure about the standard sizing chart.
      4. It is the duty of the client to be aware of their own sizing and refer to the standard chart on our Instagram page and our website before ordering.
        1. Clients may contact Breeze within 24 hours for sizing measurement changes.
        2. Unfortunately, Breeze cannot accept returns or exchanges on incorrect sizes made by the clients.
  • Should you have any issues with sizing, feel free to contact Breeze via email or WhatsApp.
  1. Clients are responsible for shipping the garments back to Breeze and shipping back to the client or may drop them off at our store.
  2. Clients may request alteration to be done on the garment for an additional fee.
  1. Please note that sizes will differ per the style of the garment.
  1. Custom orders and Online Orders
    1. All orders that are custom made must be consulted by Breeze thoroughly.
    2. Custom orders require full or half payment depending on the order placed.
    3. All orders placed online are confirmed with payment only.
    4. All measurements must be provided exact and any extra specifications should be clarified and mentioned before the order starts to process. (Within 24 hours)
    5. **All custom orders that are paid for in any amount may not be returned as this item was specially made for you. We still have to pay our workers for their labor.
    6. All orders placed on the Breeze website should contain accurate information.
    7. It is the client’s duty to read through the description of fabric and work used on the item. Sizes may vary by style.
    8. Should you have any issues with your order, feel free to contact Breeze via email or whatsapp.
  2. Payment Methods
    1. Breeze accepts Cash (Paid with order placement), EFT, Debit/Credit card payments.
      1. *Fees may apply depending on bank policies.
    2. Shipping and Collections
      1. All orders will be shipped accordingly and a flat rate of R80 will apply.
        1. *Shipping charges maybe subjected to change due to the area of delivery or courier changes.
      2. ALL shipping orders must contain accurate shipping information. We are not responsible for inaccurate addresses.
      3. We are not responsible for lost orders or orders that were signed off and delivered. Please contact the courier services for any questions on lost packages.
      4. ALL orders for collection in store must be collected within a month of being informed that your order is ready. We are NOT responsible for orders that are not collected after a month.
        1. We will not accept clients coming back after ex: 5 years requesting to collect their order.
        2. We have frequent movement in our shops and we will not be taking responsibility for items left or forgotten about.
          1. Please do not leave or forget about any garments.
        3. Sale Items
          1. All sample sale items are sold as is.
          2. The measurements follow our standard measurement chart.
          3. Measurements may vary by style
          4. No adjustments can be made to the sample items
          5. If you require any further adjustments an applicable fee will apply
        4. Breeze
          1. When dealing with our team members we request that our clients be patient and respectful.
          2. Respect goes both ways. Please be mindful of our team members as we resolve any issues you may have.
            1. Any use of harsh languages or phrases such as “Allah will punish you” will not be tolerated. You will kindly be dismissed from our clientele and we will not further assist you in any type of matters. (Refunds, Credit Notes, Exchanges) This also goes for in-store, email, online, WhatsApp or Instagram dm’s.
          3. Alteration fees may vary due to the amount of work the client needs to get done.
          4. Client is to pay for shipping and back if any situation is to occur. (Unless stated otherwise.)
          5. Our prices are fixed and may not be negotiated unless it is a custom order.
          6. Breeze will ensure the best prices and the best quality fabrics around. We do our best to satisfy all of our clients.
          7. Breeze is a small business, please respect small businesses.
          8. Please read thru the terms carefully as every client will be obligated to agree to them before any order is placed.